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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Strengthening Home Fires
Strengthening Home Fires is a new housing program that supports Indigenous youth to identify, access, secure, and maintain housing.

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Oskâpêwis   (oska-pe-wis)
Cree for “Elder’s helper, helper at ceremonies.”
Oskapewis supports Indigenous youth to take part in land-based activities and traditional learning environments, that connect youth with Indigenous culture and ceremony.
Diamond Willow Youth Lodge
Designed by young people, for young people, the lodge is a hub where Indigenous youth connect with peers, and participate in their own sense of healing and well-being while accessing a variety of programs and supports.

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Nipisis   (neep-sis)
Cree for “young willow.”
Nipisis is a Specialized Indigenous Foster Care program designed to meet the individualized needs of Indigenous youth in a variety of family based homes. The program is designed to support youth who have experienced multiple placements to develop healthy relationships with families who are culturally competent and dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with the youth.

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re:VISION Indigenous Youth Employment
re:VISION is focused on supporting Indigenous youth in our community to gain employment with employers who are open to learning about the unique needs of the Indigenous community.

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Regional After-Hours Youth Support (RAYS)
Children, youth and families can experience crises at any time. RAYS helps clients in crisis during evening and weekend hours. The Child Intervention Intake and Response Team deploys our workers as needed to provide intervention, one-to-one support, and crisis services.