Join us at the 14th Annual Miskanawah Annual Round Dance
Saturday, January 18, 2020

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A celebration of community, friendship and inclusivity

January 2019, more than 2,500 people joined hands and broke bannock at the 13th Annual Miskanawah Round Dance. Bringing people and communities together, this event celebrates diversity, friendship, and inclusivity. Steeped in tradition, the Round Dance is a healing ceremony that has become one of our most popular social gatherings. Joining hands and moving from east to west in direction of the rising and setting sun, a rhythmic beat is created by more than 30 drummers – some of whom travelled more than 700-kilometres to join in the celebration and lead us in song.

"Individuals from all backgrounds come together in friendship to celebrate First Nations culture and to honour the traditions and memories of our ancestors."

Many participants at this year’s event formed new connections, while others rekindled friendships. Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike participated, experienced, and connected with traditional Cree/Saulteaux cultures.
The success of the event was a result of collaboration and partnerships formed between Miskanawah staff, community members, businesses, organizations, local First Nations artists, volunteers, and our major sponsor, United Way. It’s thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication that we are able to bring thousands of people from all communities and backgrounds together to celebrate friendships, family, diversity, inclusivity, and community.