Family Programs
Tawaw Family Resource Networks | Nitsanak Mamawintowak

Family Programs 

Tawaw Family Resource Networks (ta-wow)

Cree for "welcome, we've made space for you here."
The Tawaw Family Resource Networks (East and West) use a hub-and-spoke model of service delivery to offer a range of early intervention and prevention services that are grounded in Indigenous cultures and teachings.
The Tawaw hubs offer warm, family-friendly environments where people can come to connect with each other, culture, and community supports.
The Tawaw spokes (programs) offered are:

Indigenous Home Visitation Cultural Supports Early Intervention Rapid Access Counselling (offered through Kindred) Grandmother Turtle (offered through Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society) Culturally-Informed Youth Wellbeing Program (offered through Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society)
Contact us for more information or to connect with our spoke programs:
Tawaw East Hub
2335 30 Ave. NE
Calgary AB, T2E 7C7
Phone: 403-700-8440

Tawaw West Hub
2340 1 Ave. NW
Calgary AB, T2N 0B8
Phone: 403-714-4895

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Nitsanak Mamawintowak (nit-sa-nak-mama-win-to-wak)

Cree for "families coming together."
Nitsanak Mamawintowak provides parents, babies and their young children with home-based parenting support and education from Indigenous and western perspectives. Families are provided with opportunities to develop social networks and relationships at community learning events, and have access to traditional knowledge keepers and Elders, who are available to offer guidance, teachings and ceremonies.
This program is open to all families within the City of Calgary who (are):To learn more about the Nitsanak Mamawintowak program: Email us

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