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Who We Are

Who We Are

Miskanawah (mis-con-a-wah, meaning "Pathways" in Cree) is our philosophical framework that is rooted in Indigenous teachings, ceremonies and guidance from Elders. These traditional values and beliefs have tremendous healing potential and are embedded within our service delivery practices. As its name implies, this approach guides individuals and families in building pathways to and within the community, strengthening their natural supports, and engaging in healthier ways of living. 


Guided by Indigenous teachings, Miskanawah offers culturally-based, supportive services to people in the Calgary area as they strengthen their circles of self, family, community, and culture.


Children, youth and families thrive within a culturally responsive community.


Culture: Miskanawah is firmly grounded in Indigenous culture and strives to strengthen cultural identity for Indigenous people in the greater Calgary community by inviting the community to join us in Indigenous traditions ceremony and celebration. Miskanawah recognizes people are influenced by a variety of cultures every day and that culture is a fundamental part of our daily lives. As such, Miskanawah works to create an inclusive and supportive environment where people feel safe to learn, explore, and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our staff and persons served.

Community: Miskanawah centers its practice in the establishment of community as a means of creating natural supports both as supplement to and when transitioning out of formal/professional supports. Staff work to create community by sharing resources, creating partnerships, and participating in gatherings, celebrations, and ceremony.

Respect: Miskanawah practices respect by honouring staff and client knowledge of themselves, encouraging the practice of honest and non-judgmental listening, and making space for cultural protocols from diverse backgrounds.

Trust: Miskanawah understands the responsibility of working with vulnerable populations, and seeks to meet and exceed that responsibility. Staff create and nurture trust by being reliable, responsive, and consistent with their colleagues and clients. Staff at all levels are encouraged to be innovative, express their ideas, and provide open and honest feedback.