Annual Report

Annual Report

Miskanawah's annual report provides an overview of our impact, our programs, and financial information for the past fiscal year (March-April). 

Miskanawah Annual Report 2020-2021 (PDF)

Previous annual reports

Miskanawah Annual Report 2019-2020 (PDF)
Pathways Annual Report 2018-2019 (Online)
Pathways Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF)
Pathways Annual Report 2016-2017 (PDF)

Annual Audited Financial Statements

Miskanawah Financial Statement 2021  (PDF)
Miskanawah Financial Statement 2020  (PDF)
Pathways Financial Statement 2019  (PDF)
Pathways Financial Statement 2018  (PDF)
Pathways Financial Statement 2017  (PDF)