Our families need your donations now more than ever.


Thank you to everyone who joined us at our 
17th Annual Friendship Round Dance! 


With nearly 3,800 guests in attendance, the venue permeated with drumming, singing, dancing and collective energy from the community. Special thanks to our sponsors, community partners, vendors, guest speakers, singers, drummers and of course, our Planning Committee for making this event a possibility! Miskanawah is grateful for the opportunity to come together and join hands.

A SPECIAL NOTE to our sponsors—It is with immense gratitude in sharing that this event was 100% funded by local partners, corporations, and fellow social service agencies. Miskanawah values the opportunity to welcome our relatives of all backgrounds in a communal celebration and blessing ceremony, and we cannot do this without the support, kinship, and generosity of donors such as yourself. Your participation and support is a representation of the spirit of Miskanawah’s Annual Friendship Round Dance- bringing friends and partners together in community. Like the beat of the drum, your support will go on to impact so many in immeasurable ways.  

In the words of Cree Elder, Patrick Daigneault, “Miskanawah’s Round Dance offers the opportunity to make new friends and re-connect with old friends. This Round Dance is a family-friendly gathering where we can build relatives across all nations. It is a safe space to welcome children, youth, and families to share a meal together, sing, dance, and join in ceremony. With this in mind and heart, it is why Miskanawah extends a welcoming invitation for everyone—of all backgrounds, of all nations—to join us in circle.”

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