Cultural Travel Camp Reflection

August 3rd 2018

On July 23rd, a group of Indigenous youth came together at Pathways for a sacred circle and offering ceremony led by Blackfoot Elder and ceremonialist, Grant Little Mustache before embarking on their journey through Southern Alberta. We travelled far and wide to sleep in teepees, swim in rivers, listen to   ▸

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Miskamaso: Truth and Reconciliation in Family Life

July 5th 2017

“Miskamaso” means discover for yourself in Cree. And boy, did we ever! On June 22, we held our first ever conference, with the goal of facilitating discussion on strategies toward Truth and Reconciliation in our daily lives, with the people we serve, and in our organizations and community. We opened the conference   ▸

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Why We Build a New Lodge

May 25th 2017

Earlier this month, staff and volunteers from Pathways CSA, Mahmawi-atoskiwin and the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary headed to Camp Adventure in Sibbald Lake to build a new sweat lodge in time for the summer. A new sweat lodge is built every season to refresh and prepare for upcoming   ▸

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