Mahmawi-atoskiwin (ma-ma-way-a-tus-ka-win)

A group of people coming together to work as one

At Miskanawah, “Practice is Ceremony”: guided by our Indigenous teachings and traditions, we invite our families to join us in ceremony, and to join us in circle, where we can offer supports and resources that are meaningful to them, while paralleling Children Services requirements.
Our approach is an offering to our families – it is invitational and relationship-based, rooted within Indigenous ways of being and knowing. When individuals accept these offerings, the healing begins and our children’s safety is enhanced through greater connection to the Creator, self, children/youth, family and the wider community, building lifelong connections.
The Mahmawi-atoskiwin program originated from an alliance with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, Enviros, and Pathways Community Services Association. This program works alongside individuals and their family to provide support in health, safety, and wellness that is based on traditional Indigenous teachings and western practice.

The Family Wellness Team

In partnership with Children Services, we work alongside you and your family to create a Family Wellness Team. You are the leader of this team. We will work together to address identified safety concerns that have brought your family to the attention of Children Services.

Working to develop solutions

The Family Wellness Team works to develop solutions to keep children with their families whenever possible. We believe that families are the “real experts” on their family. We are committed to honouring, listening, and trusting families to lead us in the best course of action.
Your Family Wellness team may include some of all of the following people:

  • You and your family
  • Any identified extended family or support people
  • Family Wellness Partner: responsible for developing the Family Wellness Plan with you and your family by finding and implementing resources for support and being a part of your journey through involvement with services.
  • Caseworker/Assessor: will work alongside the Family Wellness Partner to provide temporary or permanent safety solutions for your family. They are delegated under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act to ensure your children and youth are safe.
  • Lodge Keeper: support and coach the family, promote family reunification by actively engaging with parents during visits with their children, and support parents to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet their children’s need.
  • Circle Keeper: the cultural liaison who leads Family Wellness Circles and helps foster peace among children, youth, and family, as well as the staff team. The Circle Keeper helps to coordinate the work with Elders and other Traditional Knowledge Keepers from the Indigenous Community. The Circle Keeper is able to perform smudging ceremonies and other culturally responsive services in order to provide a safe space for the Wellness Circles and other interactions to take place.

  • The Mahmawi-atoskiwin program supports lifelong connections for families existing the program by connecting them to activities and programs through the greater Miskanawah community, such as: 


    Families are informed of additional community resources and supports that includes parent education, and home visitation to help further develop confidence, and positive relationships between family members, personal culture and community, while developing a sense of belonging, pride and tradition.
    For more information about the Mahmawi-atoskiwin program, contact us at 403.219.7550.

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    Our office is a place that is open for families for a variety of purposes.