Inaugural Campaign of Celebration of Indigenous Youth and Those who Work With Youth

June 22nd 2020

Christopher Wainwright

Christopher Wainwright
My given name is Christopher Wainwright. My spirit/ceremonial name is Man Wolf Who Stands AloneI was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. My ancestral origins are Cree Metis (Duck Lake Saskatchewan), Italian, British, European mix.

First and foremost, I’m a proud father of two children, boy and baby girl ages 12 years and 14 months.  My former work roll was Cultural Coordinator at Miskanawah. My new position is Lands specialist and Oskayapewis (helper). My roles involve supporting Elders and Land-based ceremonies (Sweat Lodge), as a Fire Keeper, looking after and constructing ceremonial spring/Summer and Fall/Winter structures. Harvesting ceremonial items such as Willows, Grandfather stones and smudging medicine. I also facilitate Miskanawah youth programming, summer/winter camps, talking circles and co-facilitate online Pipe ceremonies.

I have a passion for oral teachings, knowledge, spirituality and methods of healing. I believe that the stories of our Elders/knowledge keepers are key to the work we do and empowers families/communities. Ceremony is something that keeps me grounded and strong, intern I wish to share that with others.

We create opportunities for children, families and it is up to them to connect with those experiences. It is up to us to create a safe, healthy space coming from a place of non-judgment and inclusiveness. We achieve this by respecting the circle, honouring natural law, protecting the smudge and any human regardless of race or orientation. We invite the community to grow with us by opening doors for Ceremony and learnings, which leads to healing. We see the results in the countless testimonials of the children, Elders and families as they find their place in the sacred circle – the traditional community circle, that’s Miskanawah and we should all be very proud.

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